Camila for Glamoholic Magazine

Fifth Harmony will have a spread in the November issue of Glamoholic Magazine and we got a sneak peek! Camila is wearing an Underwire Swimsuit ($68.00) from American Apparel, a Black Short Sweatshirt (not available online) by Cheng-Huai Chuang, a Heather Leather Banded Tuck Skirt ($176.00) from Revolve Clothing. As for shoes she wore Giuseppe Zanotti Zip Flap Apricot Fold Over Boot ($152.20). Camila’s look is never complete without a bow, she wore an Oversized Lace Bow Hair Clip ($6.50) from Claire’s as well. 

Hello! Recently I have received some hate messages on this blog regarding the whole co-owner situation and the lack of posts so I thought I would address both of these issues in one post!

Firstly, I did message somebody about being the co-owner last week. I didn’t want to announce their name until they had confirmed they would be able to be a part of this blog. I sent three asks to this person over the span of the week and never received a reply. I genuinely messaged somebody and if you would like proof come off anon and ask for it. Do not call me a liar and accuse me of being greedy when you have no proof to back that up. I know it took a long time to select a new co-owner but we received a lot of applications and had to narrow it all the way down to one. We wanted to review the material thoroughly so that we could pick the best possible person for the job. 

Secondly, I know that we don’t post as much as we used to. There isn’t a new outfit for us to find every single day so there isn’t going to be a new post every single day. I find what I can and post it as soon as I can, this blog isn’t easy to run. I also think that some of you forget we are people just like you, we have lives and work and school to deal with as well. This blog is supposed to be something fun that we do in our spare time, it’s not supposed to control our lives. As I’ve mentioned in several asks I’m a junior in high school, which is the hardest and most important year of schooling. I go to an extremely challenging school and all of the courses I take are honors level or higher. School has and always will be extremely important to me and I will always pick studying or doing homework over updating this blog. 

So I hope this post will help better explain what’s been going on recently and will help everyone better understand the situation.

As for the new co-owner I’m currently working something out so hopefully they’ll be an update soon!

Hope you guys understand, love you!!


Hi guys! I’ve been a part of Camila Cabello Style for almost a year now and I’m super excited to finally announce our new co-owner! First of all I would like to thank everyone that applied, everyone was so great and this decision was super hard! I have just messaged our new co-owner so hopefully she’ll reply back soon and we can get this all worked out, thanks!